ALMAND简介 Though Almand may be playful and lighthearted while on stage - he once wore 20+ pairs of 90’s style beach shorts at a concert and stripped down to the very last one - he takes his craft mighty serious, evidenced by his six HypeM #1’s and impressive list of supporters (The Chainsmokers, Nicky Romero, King Deco and Timelfies). His whimsical personality makes his already infectious music that much more undeniable, and all of those traits are on full display in the sizzling new single “Don’t Manipulate” (featuring PG-13). Never one to miss an opportunity to wax philosophical, Almand explains: "I've always been told that music is our office and our playground. I took that advice and ran with it. I literally ran with that quote in my left hand for around 5 miles while competing in my local Turkey Trot. I finished last, but I still finished and I finished hard.” Clearly Almand is a competitor, and aside from said Turkey Trot he was recently named the “#3 College DJ In The USA” by Campus DJ, in an event that was televised by ESPN. Though many people know him for his remixes, “Don’t Manipulate” should position Almand as one of the most well-rounded producers in this biz. It's poised to break this bubbling talent out into the mainstream, providing him bigger budgets and larger stages, both of which will be used to amplify his ever growing shorts collection. SoundCloud:// FaceBook:// Twitter:// instagram://





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