Putumayo Presents:Acoustic France

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Putumayo World Music brings the romance and charm of Paris and the French countryside with the release of Acoustic France. This collection features contemporary...

Putumayo World Music brings the romance and charm of Paris and the French countryside with the release of Acoustic France. This collection features contemporary chanson and acoustic pop by established stars and up-and-coming artists from today’s thriving French music scene. Inspired by the classic styles of an earlier generation, young artists are borrowing from old-school lyric-driven composition, folk and Gypsy jazz to create an appealing modern sound. The music captures the ambiance of strolling along the Seine or sipping wine in a Parisian café on a beautiful summer day. 

Featured artists include Thomas Dutronc, the son of popular French singer Fran?oise Hardy and film star/singer Jacques Dutronc, whose sound was influenced by legendary Gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt. Sandrine Kiberlain, who released her critically acclaimed French debut album in 2005, first gained prominence as an award-winning actress in her native France. Carla Bruni, who recently made headlines for marrying French President Nicolas Sarkozy, started her career as a supermodel and actress but her musical talent has garnered her world-wide fame. 

Several other exciting artists featured on Acoustic France have spent at least part of their lives outside of France and these influences radiate throughout the collection. Constance Amiot was raised by French parents in West Africa and the Washington DC area before settling in France a few years ago. French in spirit, if not in direct origin, Pascal Lejeune, from New Brunswick, Canada, exhibits a gift for wordplay and creating melodies that sound like they’ve always existed and that have earned him comparisons to French legend Georges Brassens. Rupa & the April Fishes is a San Francisco-based group whose album eXtraOrdinary rendition was released in spring 2008 by Cumbancha, an artist label affiliated with Putumayo World Music. Lead singer and songwriter Rupa spent many of her formative years in southern France, where her mother still resides. 

Included in the liner notes is a signature recipe from 3 star Michelin French chef Michel Troisgros of La Maison Troisgros. Sifflets De Sole ? La Banane Et Citron Vert (Banana and Lime Sole) is well-paired with the flavorful melodies served on this collection. 

A portion of the proceeds from Acoustic France will be donated to La Cha?ne de l’Espoir (The Chain of Hope), an organization that provides children from developing countries access to health care and quality education. 




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