HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I

歌手:Michael Jackson


发行公司: 索尼音乐


★两度入列摇滚名人殿堂 流行界唯一天王之冠军精选,1995年第九张录音室专辑

★收录与妹妹Janet Jackson合唱之” Scream”, 麦可最具争议性作品之一的” They Don`t Care About Us”, 展现关怀地球大爱单曲” Earth Song”等杰作


★两度入列摇滚名人殿堂 流行界唯一天王之冠军精选,1995年第九张录音室专辑

★收录与妹妹Janet Jackson合唱之” Scream”, 麦可最具争议性作品之一的” They Don`t Care About Us”, 展现关怀地球大爱单曲” Earth Song”等杰作

13座葛莱美奖以及「葛莱美传奇奖」和「葛莱美终身成就奖」,所有艺人之最26个全美音乐奖,其中包括「世纪艺术家」和「20世纪80年代艺术家」;个人拥有13首美国冠军单曲,名列billboard最多百大单曲男歌手;多项金氏世界纪录,超过4亿的全球销量记录,数百个奖项,使他成为流行音乐历史上获奖最多的艺人。两度入选摇滚名人堂,也有被选入作曲者名人堂,并且是唯一一位进入舞蹈名人堂的流行艺人。创造独一无二的炫目舞步,从殭尸舞、月球漫步、机械舞,到45度角倾斜的高难度舞步,引领视觉感官新震撼、全球争相模仿其穿著打扮。Michael Jackson麦可杰克森永远无可取代的流行界唯一天王。扎根于节奏蓝调乐,不分派系风格与种族藩篱向外延伸,开发流行音乐的无限可能性!纵然2009年6月25日Michael的骤逝令人伤感不已,但他对音乐、舞蹈和时尚的贡献,无论多少风雨之后,Michael Jackson这个名字仍然是在这个时代中全球流行文化的代表人物。

HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I (usually shortened to HIStory) is the ninth studio album by American recording artist Michael Jackson. It was released on July 16, 1995 by Epic Records. This is Jackson's first album on his own label, MJJ Productions. The majority of the album's tracks were written and produced by Jackson.

HIStory was the first album to be released by Jackson since he was accused of child sexual abuse in August 1993. Recorded during late 1994 and early 1995, several of the double album's 15 songs pertain to the accusations and Jackson's mistreatment in the media, specifically the tabloids. The songs' themes included environmental awareness, isolation, greed, and injustice.

HIStory is Jackson's most controversial album. Jackson was accused of using anti-Semitic lyrics in "They Don't Care About Us". Jackson stated that he did not mean any offense and on multiple occasions denied anti-Semitism. The dispute regarding the lyrics ended with Jackson re-recording them.

R.Kelly was accused of plagiarizing one of the album's songs, "You Are Not Alone". In 2007 a judge ruled that the song was plagiarized and the song was subsequently banned from radio stations in Belgium.

Michael Jackson's double-disc HIStory: Past, Present, and Future, Book I is a monumental achievement of ego. Titled "HIStory Begins," the first disc is a collection of his post-Motown hits, featuring some of the greatest music in pop history, including "Billie Jean," "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough," "Beat It," and "Rock with You."

It leaves some hits out -- including the number ones "Say Say Say" and "Dirty Diana" -- yet it's filled with enough prime material to be thoroughly intoxicating.

That can't be said for the second disc, called "HIStory Continues" and consisting entirely of new material -- which also happens to be the first material he released since being accused of child molestation.

"HIStory Continues" is easily the most personal album Jackson has recorded. References to the scandal permeate almost every song, creating a thick atmosphere of paranoia. If Jackson's music had been the equal of Thriller or Bad, the nervous, vindictive lyrics wouldn't have been quite as overbearing. However, "HIStory Continues" reiterates musical ideas Jackson had been exploring since Bad.

Jackson certainly tries to stay contemporary, yet he has a tendency to smooth out all of his rougher musical edges with show-biz schmaltz.

Occasionally, Jackson produces some well-crafted pop that ranks with his best material: R. Kelly's "You Are Not Alone" is seductive, "Scream" improves on the slamming beats of his earlier single "Jam," and "Stranger in Moscow" is one of his most haunting ballads.

Nevertheless, "HIStory Continues" stands as his weakest album since the mid-'70s.


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