Her Insula

歌手:Lindy Lin


发行公司: bié Records


《Her Insula 她的脑岛》是 Lindy 辞去工作、自学音乐制作与绘画以来的一次尝试,是一颗挣脱了运行轨道,要在宇宙里飞驰、浪荡的流星;它是一部女孩的思想史,尽管没有造人、补天的史诗,却因为直面成长的恐惧而一样了不起。

通过 11 首充满幻想、电子音乐元素以及赤诚歌声的曲目,Lindy 用音乐讲述了一个完整的...

《Her Insula 她的脑岛》是 Lindy 辞去工作、自学音乐制作与绘画以来的一次尝试,是一颗挣脱了运行轨道,要在宇宙里飞驰、浪荡的流星;它是一部女孩的思想史,尽管没有造人、补天的史诗,却因为直面成长的恐惧而一样了不起。

通过 11 首充满幻想、电子音乐元素以及赤诚歌声的曲目,Lindy 用音乐讲述了一个完整的故事,带你从新(心)感知体内的时间,揭开隐藏在 “脑岛” 的个人/宇宙奥秘。


词/曲/演唱:Lindy Lin

录音/混音/母带:巢场录音棚 Nest Audio

专辑编曲及制作:王沉飞、Lindy Lin、Njelo 娜影

*其中歌曲 “Intro-Cerebral Monologue” “I Don't Know Why” “Smile Big” “Her Insula” 及 “Human Eutrophication” 由王沉飞和 Lindy Lin 编曲、制作完成

吉他:舒大卫(Savant Syndrome)、白春阳(Social Distractions)

封面/插画:Lindy Lin

特别鸣谢:王沉飞、孟金辉、杨志凯、温秀卿、林爱强、林松茂, Njelo娜影、齐哥TAiFin、解易、甜饼十一、舒大卫、单哲、鸟语、Frances Lin、唐孟轲、Seon、董妤婷、彭凯翔、陈浩 Jack、蚊子、椒


Her Insula is a surprising result of Lindy's self-study of music production and painting after quitting her wearisome office job. It strikes like a meteor on the loose, breaking free from any orbits to wander through universes. Its electro-infused folksongs with narrative intimacy and rhythmic crankiness draw fantastical parallels between a cosmic journey and the exploration of a girl's self-consciousness. Even though there are no heroic tales like the creation of man or the mending of the sky pillars from the Chinese mythologie, Her Insula is still as remarkable for revealing a girl's bangs-covered youthhood, and facing up to the fears of growing up.


All music written and performed by Lindy Lin

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Nest Audio (Hangzhou, China)

Arranged and produced by Corioli Wang, Lindy Lin and Njelo

except "Intro-Cerebral Monologue," "I Don't Know Why," "Smile Big," "Her Insula" and "Human Eutrophication" by Corioli Wang and Lindy Lin

Additional guitar by Dizzy Boy on "Savant Syndrome" and Mark Bai on "Social Distractions"

Album art and illustrations by Lindy Lin

Special thanks to Corioli Wang, Jinhui Meng, Zhikai Yang, Xiuqing Wen, Aiqiang Lin, Songmao Lin, Njelo, TAiFin, Jieyi, Tianbing Eleven, Dizzy Boy, Mark Shan, Niao Yu, Frances Lin, Meng Tang, Seon, Shuting Dong, Kaixiang Peng, Jack Chen, Wenzi, Jiao




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