evermore (deluxe version)

歌手:Taylor Swift


发行公司: Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift 第九张个人录音室专辑《evermore》惊喜上线!

《evermore》是Taylor Swift的第九张录音室专辑,距离上一张专辑《folklore》的发布仅五个月,是其 "姊妹专辑",两者都是在发布前几个小时于社交媒体上宣布的惊喜专辑。这张专辑以室内摇滚和独立摇滚为基调,在《folklo...

Taylor Swift 第九张个人录音室专辑《evermore》惊喜上线!

《evermore》是Taylor Swift的第九张录音室专辑,距离上一张专辑《folklore》的发布仅五个月,是其 "姊妹专辑",两者都是在发布前几个小时于社交媒体上宣布的惊喜专辑。这张专辑以室内摇滚和独立摇滚为基调,在《folklore》的独立民谣/乡村风格基础上进行扩展,并围绕其之前未曾谈论过的一组新颖的叙事故事。

《evermore》专辑中还邀请了老朋友Bon Iver、HAIM和The National客串演唱,首发当日由Swift执导的主打单曲〈willow〉的MV也同步公开,专辑受到音乐评论家的普遍赞誉。

Evermore is the ninth studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. It was released on December 11, 2020, through herself, less than five months after Swift's eighth studio album, Folklore (2020). Evermore is a "sister record" to its predecessor, both being surprise albums announced hours before release.

As a result of Swift continuing to work with her Folklore producers Aaron Dessner, Jack Antonoff, and Bryce Dessner, Evermore is an alternative rock and chamber rock album that expands on its predecessor's indie/folk sound. Its lyrical themes generally revolve around love, marriage, infidelity, and noir, detailed in form of impressionist storytelling and interlacing narratives. The album features guest appearances from American bands Bon Iver, Haim, and the National. Its lead single, "Willow", premiered with a self-directed music video alongside the album's launch. Upon release, Evermore was met with universal acclaim from music critics, who praised its character dynamics and experimental production, with many dubbing it a contrasting companion to Folklore.




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