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A TOUCH OF CLASS的缩写.乐队的4名成员来自不同的国家.JOSEPH “JOEY”MURRAY来自新西兰.SARAH EGGLESTONE来自澳大利亚.TRACY ELIZABETH PACKHAM来自英国.LIVIO SALVI来自意大利.乐队的第一首单曲AROUND THE WORLD (LA LA LA LA LA)2000年一打出就成为德国音乐榜的第一名,并保持了六个星期.后来这首歌还打入了美国和英国音乐榜的前40名.乐队2003年因为法院判决不得以将乐队的名字从ATC改成A TOUCH OF CLASS.2003年乐队的第二张专辑TOUCH THE SKY(触摸天空)发行后,销量不佳.四个成员决定分道扬镳。


A Touch of Class (originally known as ATC) were an international pop group based in Germany, although the four members each came from different countries — Joseph "Joey" Murray (born July 5, 1974) from New Zealand, Sarah Egglestone (b. April 4, 1975) from Australia, Livio Salvi (b. January 25, 1977) from Italy, and Tracey Elizabeth Packham (b. July 30, 1977) from the United Kingdom. The pop group was active from 1999 to 2003 and their most successful release was "Around the World (La La La La La)," released in 2000.
Their first single, "Around the World (La La La La La)" (which was an English cover of the song "Pesenka" by the Russian group Ruki Vverh!) was first released on May 9, 2000 and went number one in Germany for six weeks in summer 2000. It was later a Top 40 hit in the United Kingdom and United States.
Their debut album Planet Pop, featuring songs from Alex Christensen and Clyde Ward, was released on February 6, 2001 by Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Republic Records, for which they were awarded an ECHO for Best Dance Act.
In 2001, the group released the single I'm In Heaven (When You Kiss Me), which was moderately successful in parts of Europe. In 2002, "Set Me Free" was released as a single but was not successful. In 2003, the DJ and producer ATB successfully took the band's record label to court, and the band was forced to change their name from ATC to A Touch of Class. Following the name change, the group released a final single, "New York City", and their second album, Touch the Sky in 2003, but they did not match the success of their previous records, and the group members decided to go their separate ways.





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