Robot Koch


Robot Koch简介

Robot Koch is an award winning artist/producer/composer from Berlin, currently living in Los Angeles.
His unique sound of organic electronic music has been called "Wonderful and Strange - pop music from the future" (by John Peel of the BBC already in 2003), continuing to resonate with a growing audience worldwide.
Koch released on several labels like Project Mooncircle, Moderat´s Monkeytown Records and Solomun`s Diynamic Music in the past but runs his own post genre record label now, called Trees and Cyborgs.
Koch appeared on the lineups of major festivals like Coachella, Sonar, Mutek and played Boiler Room several times.
His music has been used on numerous TV Shows and Films, Movie Trailers and Ad campaigns.
Koch works as a producer and composer for both indie and major artists worldwide, gaining gold and platinum records for his productions.
He won the German Music Composers Award 2014 in the category „best composer electronic music“.





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