Toshiya从2002年起进入音乐领域,他的第一个音乐组合是mondialito (梦的亚朵)。他曾发行过几张CD,也帮国外乐队和音乐人做做后期。他去过一些国家巡演,同时还在做一个基于对哲学理解和感悟的独立音乐项目:Aknit。 他爱Rainer Maria Rilke, Paul Celan 和 Maurice Blanchot,也受着他们的影响继续走着音乐的路。 From 2002 he starts his music career as mondialito. He released several CDs and produced foreign country’s musican and singer,had shows in several countries.At the same time, he had been working for solo project. It based on his thoughts about philosophy. He loves Rainer Maria Rilke, Paul Celan and Maurice Blanchot, and he is influenced from them.

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