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Rauf & Faik (Рауф и Фаик) are a Russian pop duet, formed by twin brothers (born July 7, 1999; Izhevsk, Russia). They are best known for their Russian-language #1 single "Childhood" (Russian: Детство), released in 2018. The brothers are ethnically Azerbaijani. They release music sung in both Russian and English, though they also speak Azerbaijani. Their first music video — released for the song "Love Remained Yesterday" — amassed several hundred thousand views, and thousands of likes, resulting in offers to sing at multiple venues. A later music video for the song "I Love You" (Russian: Я люблю тебя), became the 28th most popular song of 2018 on the Russian social networking site VKontakte. Their debut album, also titled "I Love You", was released later in 2018. According to the brothers, they invested only 1,500 Rubles (approx. $25) into advertising the album. Despite little inherent publicity, the song "Childhood" (Russian: Детство) reached number one on VKontakte. "PAIN & MEMORIES", their second studio album, released on March 15, 2019, and quickly reached 8th place on Apple Music. Since beginning their professional music career, the brothers have toured in over 20 Russian cities, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, and Germany. According to Music First (Музыка Первого) TV channel, their vocal range is 4 1/2 octaves.




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