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美国华裔流行女歌手 Kiri T ABOUT KIRI T A US-based artist with Hong Kong roots, Kiri studied in Berklee College of Music in pursuit of her music. A vocalist, pianist, songwriter and producer, she weaves together lush and shimmery synth sounds with her smooth and sultry vocals. Kiri’s writing is a combination of contemporary R&B, indie pop and electronic music, crafted with mesmerising melodies diving in moody beats. Late 2015 saw Kiri’s collaboration with NY based producer LUCIAN on “Twenty-something(Lucian Remix)" ,ranked #2 on Hype Machine, collecting over 4M streams across various platforms. Kiri strings her emotions into words, spills her stories on melodies. Built a house for her inner demons with sounds, and you are all invited. Roll with her on a journey weaving in and out of self destruction, pain and a hint of sweetness.


Electronic R&B, indie Pop






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