Black Cab

歌手:Higher Brothers


发行公司: StreetVoice/88rising


Over the past year, Higher Brothers have proven themselves to be the most exciting and pioneering Hip-Hop act to ever emerge from China with their early singles...

Over the past year, Higher Brothers have proven themselves to be the most exciting and pioneering Hip-Hop act to ever emerge from China with their early singles “Isabellae,” “Black Cab” and “Bitch Don’t Kill My Dab,” all achieving major success with consistent six figure play counts and support from prominent, international media outlets including Pigeons & Planes, Mass Appeal and OFIVE TV. With the upcoming release of the Black Cab album, Higher Brothers are ready to further cement themselves as Asian hip-hop’s greatest hope.



1. WeChat feat. Keith Ape (Prod. Roget)



I don’t open WeChat to see your bullshit

I’m a busy person still got a lot of things to do

2. Isabellae (Prod. Charlie Heat)

伊莎贝尔蝶,欧洲最漂亮的蝶。它们既非昼行蝶,也非夜行蝶,只在黄昏时分才出来,而且每年只飞十天。据说伊莎贝尔蝶是被它的发现者以西班牙皇后的名字命名的,它的高贵更加反衬了它的寂寞。 传说是生活在阿尔卑斯山脉,终年白雪覆盖的海拔3000米以上的地方的一种蝴蝶,传说它只能活三天,所以,见到它的人会实现愿望。

Isabellae butterfly, the most beautiful butterfly in Europe. Flying only at dusk and dawn, this rare butterfly is seen just 10 days a year. The Isabellae has a noble nature that starkly contrasts with its solitude, and for this reason its discoverer named the butterfly in honor of the Spanish queen. The Isabellae lives at 3000 meters above sea level in the yearlong snowcapped portions of the Isabellae Mountain Range. According to legend, if you see the Isabellae your wishes will come true.

3. Made in China feat. Famous Dex (Prod. Richie Souf)

我的链子手表中国制造 给我的妞买的奢侈品也是中国制造 你们嘴上说着不爱我 可是你的一切都是中国制造

My chains, my watch Made in China. The luxury goods I buy for my girl are also made in China. You say you don’t love me but everything you own is made in China. 

4. Franklin feat. Jay Park (Prod. Jedi P)

ya’ll need practice

ya’ll need practice

driving like franklin

shooting like franklin

ya’ll need practice

ya’ll need practice

walking like franklin

smoking like franklin









5. Black Cab (Prod. Sauce Boss)

black cab 不合法的出租车,但是总能以最快速度把客人安全送达目的地,努力工作升价翻倍

Black Cab is an illegal taxi, but it will always take you to your destination quickly and safely. Work hard to double your earnings. 

6. Why Not (Prod. Origami)

三文鱼加五碗饭全部塞进胃里面why not

年轻的亚洲人留着脏辫玩着浪漫 why not

we higher brothers do what I wanna why not?

I stuffed salmon with five bowls of rice into my stomach, why not?

Young Asian kids with dreads playing romance, why not?

We higher brothers do what I wanna why not?

7. Mine (Prod. Izzy Tha Great)

谁写的歌你最想循环 oh mine mine mine

去专卖店购置的名牌 oh mine mine mine

在T恤光盘上的签名 oh mine mine mine

谁在雨天带给你天晴 oh mine mine mine

Who wrote the song you play on repeat oh mine mine mine

Go to the store and cop some brand names oh mine mine mine

Sign my name on t-shirts and CDs oh mine mine mine

8. Wudidong (Prod. BricksOnDaBeat)


Wudidong — A bottomless hole in which the bottom of the abyss is undetectable. Water or any other substances that permeate will reach the center of the Earth. Scientists speculate it is a “black hole”

9. Bitch Don't Kill My Dab (Prod. OG abi)

bitch don’t kill my vibe

bitch don’t kill my dab

I knew this was all gonna happen

bitch don’t kill my vibe

bitch don’t kill my dab


10. Aston Martin feat. Ken Rebel (Prod. Tantu Beat)

麻烦请你给我一台新的AstonMartin woh


i got 50 Female models AstonMartin woh


Could you give me a new Aston Martin woh

I don't like Masarati, gimme Aston Martin 

I got 50 Female models Aston Martin woh

Since I was a kid dreamin' bout driving an Aston Martin

11. Ding Mogu (Prod. Maaly Raw)


mario 脑袋很硬 we jumpin双腿使劲

顶蘑菇顶蘑菇顶  顶蘑菇顶蘑菇顶

啊红色让我变大 啊绿色能加一条命 

Jumpin’ on mushrooms x4

Mario’s head is strong, we jumpin’ full force

Jumpin’ on mushrooms x4

Ah red makes me big, green gives me an extra life

12. Yahh feat. J.mag (Prod. Gold Key$)

Smoking on dope like Yahh


Going on tour like Yahh


Counting them bands like Yahh


Hitting your bitch like Yahh


13. Young Master (Prod. Key Pusha Beats)

给大家介绍一个我们的好朋友young master

Introducing everyone to our homie young master

14. 711 (Prod. Masiwei)

我猜不到 送货的司机今天晚上到底几点来


I don't know what time the delivery guy will get here with the food

Everyday 7-11 keeps me company through the night




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