Some Girls

歌手:The Rolling Stones


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★收录经典冠军曲"Miss You"、全美流行单曲榜TOP8畅销作"Beast Of Burden"

★超值加赠一张CD:包含挑战乡村传奇Hank Williams招牌作"You Win Again"在内的12首体现乐团融合摇滚、蓝调与...


★收录经典冠军曲"Miss You"、全美流行单曲榜TOP8畅销作"Beast Of Burden"

★超值加赠一张CD:包含挑战乡村传奇Hank Williams招牌作"You Win Again"在内的12首体现乐团融合摇滚、蓝调与乡村风格录音作品

滚石合唱团1978年发行全美流行专辑榜冠军+英国流行专辑榜亚军+热销600万张的专辑【Some Girls】,在2011年以双CD重装登场,除了包括全美流行单曲榜冠军作"Miss You"、全美流行榜第8名单曲"Beast Of Burden",吉他手Keith Richards回应1977年持有海洛因遭到加拿大当局逮捕事件的名曲"Before They Make Me Run",乐团发扬1950年代中后期美国加州乡村摇滚曲风作品"Far Away Eyes"在内的原始专辑之外,还加收一张CD:搜集了滚石合唱团与1963年由乐团成员变成录音室乐手的钢琴家Ian Stewart,曾经是蓝调摇滚名团The Allman Brothers Band的钢琴手Chuck Leavell,以及在"Miss You"歌曲中有精彩独奏演出的口风琴乐师Sugar Blue等客座乐手合作的录音作品,其中像是"So Young"、"When You're Gone",还有挑战乡村传奇Hank Williams招牌作"You Win Again"等歌曲,都忠实的呼应了滚石合唱团在【Some Girls】专辑时期融合摇滚乐、蓝调与乡村乐的风格。

by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

During the mid-'70s, the Rolling Stones remained massively popular, but their records suffered from


's fascination with celebrity and


's worsening drug habit. By 1978, both punk and disco had swept the group off the front pages, and Some Girls was their fiery response to the younger generation. Opening with the disco-blues thump of "Miss You," Some Girls is a tough, focused, and exciting record, full of more hooks and energy than any Stones record since

Exile on Main St.

Even though the Stones make disco their own, they never quite take punk on their own ground. Instead, their rockers sound harder and nastier than they have in years. Using "Star Star" as a template, the Stones run through the seedy homosexual imagery of "When the Whip Comes Down," the bizarre, borderline-misogynistic vitriol of the title track,


's ultimate outlaw anthem, "Before They Make Me Run," and the decadent closer, "Shattered." In between, they deconstruct

the Temptations

' "(Just My) Imagination," unleash the devastatingly snide country parody "Far Away Eyes," and contribute "Beast of Burden," one of their very best ballads. Some Girls may not have the back-street aggression of their '60s records, or the majestic, drugged-out murk of their early-'70s work, but its brand of glitzy, decadent hard rock still makes it a definitive Stones album.




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