Gettin' Old

歌手:Luke Combs


发行公司: 索尼音乐


◎ 7座CMA、3座ACM乡村音乐奖肯定乡村天王第四张专辑

◎ 发行空降英国乡村专辑榜冠军、综合榜#5,美国告示牌乡村专辑榜#2、综合榜#4、以及澳洲专辑榜冠军

◎ 与CMA“年度专辑奖”加冕《Growin’Up》同时录音制作,唱出现在的人生阶段,热爱现在的生活却也想念曾经的美好,活在当下也想著时光飞逝,种种对于人生的...

◎ 7座CMA、3座ACM乡村音乐奖肯定乡村天王第四张专辑

◎ 发行空降英国乡村专辑榜冠军、综合榜#5,美国告示牌乡村专辑榜#2、综合榜#4、以及澳洲专辑榜冠军

◎ 与CMA“年度专辑奖”加冕《Growin’Up》同时录音制作,唱出现在的人生阶段,热爱现在的生活却也想念曾经的美好,活在当下也想著时光飞逝,种种对于人生的爱与想法的专辑

◎ 收录告示牌乡村榜#3、综合榜#15 首支单曲〈Love You Anyway〉,翻唱1988年Tracy Chapman经典神曲〈Fast Car〉等共18首人生之歌

Just nine months after his 3x Grammy-nominated record Growin' Up was released, reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year Luke Combs is back with a new companion album, Gettin' Old, releasing March 24 via River House Artists/Columbia Nashville. In advance of the release, lead track, "Growin' Up and Gettin' Old," written by Combs, Rob Snyder and Channing Wilson, is out now. Produced by Combs, Chip Matthews and Jonathan Singleton, Gettin' Old is Combs' fourth full-length album following 2022's Growin' Up, 2019's 3x Platinum What You See is What You Get and his 4x Platinum debut, This One's For You. Across these eighteen new tracks, Combs continues to establish himself as one of music's most authentic and powerful voices, as he reaches new lyrical depths exploring themes of family, legacy, love and personal growth.




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