These are Special Times

歌手:Céline Dion


发行公司: 索尼音乐


当今乐坛超级人气流行天后Celine Dion,她的专辑作品在过去的30个月内,便已在全球创造了六千万张的惊人销售纪录,也就是说,相当于每1.2秒钟便有一张Celine的专辑销售出去。由此証明了Celine在全球乐迷心目中受欢迎的程度,以及其异乎寻常的完美歌唱实力,早已是无庸置疑了!

在此为Celine Dio...

当今乐坛超级人气流行天后Celine Dion,她的专辑作品在过去的30个月内,便已在全球创造了六千万张的惊人销售纪录,也就是说,相当于每1.2秒钟便有一张Celine的专辑销售出去。由此証明了Celine在全球乐迷心目中受欢迎的程度,以及其异乎寻常的完美歌唱实力,早已是无庸置疑了!

在此为Celine Dion音乐生涯开启新扉页、独树一格的首张贺岁专辑中,除了延续Celine 与David Foster,Ric Wake等天王制作人的黄金组合阵容外,更邀来乐坛当红的男歌手R. Kelly及意大利盲人男高音Andrea Bocelli(与Sarah Brightman对唱“Time To Say Goodbye”而声名大噪),特别与她对唱了首支单曲“I'm Your Angel”以及“The Prayer”两首新歌。此外,Celine的加拿大巨星同袍Bryan Adams,亦再度加入编制为她量身打造了“Another Year Has Gone By”这首动人的抒情曲,并亲自参与合音。当然,专辑中亦不能免俗地重新诠释了“Ave Maria”等经典名曲,以及“Blue Christmas”“The Christmas Song”....等标准圣诞曲,再加上Celine动用全体家人,一同展露家族共有的演唱天份的“Feliz Navidad”,以及她初次展露深藏已久的创作才华、与Ric Wake共谱词曲的“Don't Save It All For Christmas Day”,整张专辑兼具了流行的情韵、庄严圣洁的氛围,以及隽永的歌声,绝对超值!!

<These Are Special Times> is the sixth English-language studio album and the first English-language Christmas album by Canadian singer Celine Dion. Released by Sony Music Entertainment on 30 October 1998, it features cover versions of popular Christmas tunes and original material. Dion worked with David Foster and Ric Wake, who produced most of the tracks for the album. Other producers include R. Kelly and Bryan Adams. Critics praised Dion's commitment to the recorded material, as well as the production of the songs.

These Are Special Times was released after two of Dion's most successful albums, Falling into You (1996) and Let's Talk About Love (1997). It includes the US number-one single, "I'm Your Angel" (duet with R. Kelly) and the Golden Globe winning song, "The Prayer" (duet with Andrea Bocelli). The album has sold 5.6 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan, and has been certified five-times Platinum by the RIAA. In Canada, the album has sold one million copies and been certified Diamond by the CRIA. The album has sold 14 million copies worldwide and is one of the best-selling Christmas albums of all time.

Celine Dion worked on These Are Special Times with her longtime partners David Foster and Ric Wake, who produced most of the songs. The album contains seven original compositions: "Don't Save It All for Christmas Day" (co-written by Celine Dion; covered by Avalon in 2000 and Clay Aiken in 2004), "Another Year Has Gone By" (written and produced by Bryan Adams), a solo version of "The Magic of Christmas Day" (recorded in 1999 as a duet with Rosie O'Donnell and included on a charity album, A Rosie Christmas), "The Prayer" (duet with Andrea Bocelli; each artist sang it solo on the 1998 soundtrack to Quest for Camelot), "Christmas Eve", "These Are the Special Times" (written by Diane Warren; covered by Christina Aguilera in 2000) and "I'm Your Angel" (duet with R. Kelly, written and produced by Kelly). Other tracks include inspired arrangements of standards like "O Holy Night", "Blue Christmas" (Diana Krall on acoustic piano), "Adeste Fideles", "Ave Maria" and new versions of the modern classics "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" and "Feliz Navidad". On the latter track and "Les cloches du hameau", Dion is joined by her family. In October 2007, the album was re-released as a Collector's Edition that includes a DVD of Dion's CBS television special for These Are Special Times.

Celine Dion promoted the album in the United States with a television special which aired on CBS on 25 November 1998. It included two musical guests: Andrea Bocelli on "The Prayer" and Rosie O'Donnell on "Do You Hear What I Hear?". Dion also performed album tracks ("O Holy Night", "These Are the Special Times"), her number-one hits ("The Power of Love", "Because You Loved Me", "My Heart Will Go On"), as well as favorites ("Let's Talk About Love", "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"). These Are Special Times was a television ratings champion, ranking number-one for the night and drawing an audience of more than sixteen million viewers. The show was nominated for two Emmy Awards. Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli also performed "The Prayer" at the 41st Grammy Awards on 24 February 1999and at the 71st Academy Awards on 21 March 1999.

"I'm Your Angel" was released as the first single from the album. It became Dion's fourth number-one on the US Billboard Hot 100, topping the chart for six consecutive weeks. On 9 December 1998, it was certified Platinum by the RIAA for shipment of one million copies in the United States. The song was also successful in Europe, peaking at number three in the United Kingdom. In March 1999, "The Prayer" (duet with Andrea Bocelli) was sent to adult contemporary radio stations in the United States and peaked at number twenty-two on the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks. In February 2008, Dion recorded a live version of this song in a duet with Josh Groban. Thanks to the digital sales, the track entered the Billboard Hot 100 at number seventy


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