Absent Riddim

歌手:The Bug




17 versions of the same beat + an extremely eclectic crew of vocalists as the new Bug album = commercial industry suicide.... 17 versions of the same beat, muta...

17 versions of the same beat + an extremely eclectic crew of vocalists as the new Bug album = commercial industry suicide.... 17 versions of the same beat, mutated, modified and sometimes mutilated to suit each guest i invited, to jump this heavyweight rhythm. So if you aren't feelin' the beat, you may as well jump off from the get go.. And trust, this album is an absolute tribute to the dancehall one riddim albums that endlessly emerge from Jamaica, and in fact hooked me since the mid 90's, as a black wax addict. And this collection purposely contains sixteen different vocalists/MCs from different musical worlds to see just how extreme the contrasts could be. I always love hearin' how incredible Jamaican MCs individually approach the same riddim completely differently, and how that would keep the beat fresh and maximise the element of surprise...Always seemed a great way of reinventing a rhythm and satisfying my own musical greed and insatiable appetite for next level vocals.

Ironically the 'Absent Riddim' emerged as a rejected remix of a track by a metal band called Absent in Body, for basically not being heavy enough...Lol(Though they subsequently changed their mind after the fact, so i ended up writing an even more deadly beat for them thereafter..!)... But the bare bones of my musical contributions to the Absent Riddim had stuck with me indelibly, so i felt the need to rewrite it and welcome vocals on to its wilfully slow, slithering, dub chassis, and i recently dropped the version as the opener at all my recent Bug shows. When i approached this sick crew of vocalists herein, i emphasised the intention to bypass all the bs factory delays, industry lead up times and passion killing interruptions that have recently resulted in tediously long periods of frustration, waiting to finally drop new releases. I asked/hustled them to move fast so we could release as instantly as possible. And it's with LARGE thx to these excellent artists for rising to the challenge to work fast and become honorary members of the bug fam. Much appreciated, really...

Also very importantly, a big shout to my long time collaborator, Siomon Fowler, who provided such great artwork, at such short notice. A highly valued friend and ridiculously talented visual artist. Merci

This album is also dedicated to the memories of Nazamba/Jaimie Branch who both appear within, and who both tragically passed away during the making of this album, and who i miss dearly. Rest in peace.

Big thx to Karl(Regis)/JK Flesh for the enthusiastic feedback, track after track, as my trusted ears, when i was bombarding them mix after mix...lol...Invaluable...



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