歌手:Rich Brian


发行公司: StreetVoice/88rising Records LLC


Rich Brian以《Brightside》为新的一年拉开序幕——这张由四首单曲组成的EP,展现了 Brian作为说唱歌手兼作词人的成长。在这张EP的制作过程中,Brian一边调整着歌曲的内容与编排,一边审视并反思着自己的生活——包括他看待事物的观点和对待生活优先级的转变,以及作为一名普通人和艺术家不断成长的心路历程...

Rich Brian以《Brightside》为新的一年拉开序幕——这张由四首单曲组成的EP,展现了 Brian作为说唱歌手兼作词人的成长。在这张EP的制作过程中,Brian一边调整着歌曲的内容与编排,一边审视并反思着自己的生活——包括他看待事物的观点和对待生活优先级的转变,以及作为一名普通人和艺术家不断成长的心路历程。

这张EP 的主打单曲《Getcho Mans》曾在 2021 年的 Head In The Clouds 音乐节的压轴演出中首次亮相,给南加州的30,000名歌迷留下了深刻印象。Brian此次联手Warren Hue进行创作,这两位同样在印尼长大的歌手向外界呈现了他们之间强烈的化学反应。伴随着《Getcho Mans》发布的还有一部由The Reggies (bbno$ & Rich Brian - "edamame") 执导的MV。

在《New Tooth》音乐视频的结尾,《Lagoon》展示了Brian的抒情技巧。他灵活自如地在各种flow和节奏之间进行切换,也同时回忆着那段在印度尼西亚长大的轻松时光。

最后以一首忧郁的《Sunny》为这张EP画上了句号。整首歌由Brian的长期合作搭档Bekon & The Donuts制作。在这首歌曲中,Brian 更深入地审视了自己的生活以及表现了内心与成名相伴的挣扎。Brian将在电影《Jamojaya》中迎来个人荧幕首秀,这部即将上映的电影以Brian蒸蒸日上的说唱生涯为创作背景,并由业内广受好评的Justin·Chon执导。

Rich Brian kicks the new year off strong with “Brightside” - a 4-track EP that showcases Brian’s growth as a rapper and writer. Over the course of the project, Brian flexes his bars while taking an introspective look at his life - his changes in perspective and priorities, and growth as human and artist.

The EP's focus single “Getcho Mans” was triumphantly debuted at the finale of the Head In The Clouds Festival 2021 to 30,000 fans across Southern California. The hard-hitting collaboration features labelmate Warren Hue as the two Indonesian rappers display their chemistry and take turns trading bars. “Getcho Mans” will be accompanied by a kinetic music video directed by The Reggies (bbno$ & Rich Brian - "edamame").

Teased at the end of the ‘New Tooth” music video, “Lagoon” shows off Brian's lyrical dexterity as he nimbly shifts between flows and beat-switches, while reminiscing on simpler times growing up in Indonesia.

Brian closes out the EP with the pensive “Sunny”, produced by longtime collaborators Bekon & The Donuts. On the track, Brian takes a deeper look at his life and the struggles that come alongside fame. Brian subtly teases his acting debut in the forthcoming feature “Jamojaya”, a film directed by the critically-acclaimed Justin Chon that is loosely-based on Brian's own ascendant rap career.




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